Biden Accidental Insults Pelosi – Watch

Americans have been noticing and polling that President Joe Biden‘s mental fitness for the Oval Office is becoming a growing concern. Well, it turns out that the President himself may have just confirmed those worries with unwitting remarks he made last week during an event honoring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DCA).

At theWe Are EMILY fundraising event, Biden accidentally insulted Pelosi with ageist remarks while trying to praise her for her work advancingabortion rights.

Nancy, working with you over the years has been one of the great privileges of my life, uh, and I mean it, Biden told the crowd.Youve been a great leader, an incredible leader, through some of the toughest years of our nations history. I mean I think about the Great Depression, you know, it was me and Nancy and President Roosevelt.

To the untrained ear, the quite elderly President Biden‘s remarks might have made headlines simply to comment on his age. But for those of us paying attention, President Biden himself may have just given us cause for alarm.

The Great Depression timeframe was from 19291941, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DCA)—who at 83 is older than Bidenwas born in 1940. Even if Biden was accidentally referencing the period when he and thenVice President of the United States (under President Obama) Biden opposed the House Speaker, he nonetheless reminded everyone presentand those watching on televisionthat his age is an issue of serious concern.

This especially so after the former twiceunsuccessful presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, 75, said during theFinancial Times Weekend festival that President Joe Bidens age (80) should be taken into consideration for the 2024 presidential race.

It‘s no surprise that Biden and the White House are spinning the issue as a nonstarter. After all, more than half of the American people have indicated in polls that they have doubts about his mental ability to command the nation.

What‘s more, the Biden team and Biden‘s numerous surrogates continue to attempt to dismiss questions about his age with hollow language likelook at the results!

The more the Biden White House and his surrogates strive to maintain the false narrative that Biden can outperform everyone else, however, the more people will realize they‘re being led astray and that Biden is not fit to lead the country.


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