Biden ‘Dirty Tricks’ Operation Spent Millions To Destroy Christians

The Biden administration has been caught redhanded in a shady scheme aimed at using taxpayer dollars to take out political opponents and dissidents.

In a shocking new revelation, a bombshell of documents uncovered by MRC Free Speech America reveals the federal government covertly funnelling $40 million of taxpayer money away from genuine antiterrorism programs into a weaponized program targeting prominent Christian organizations, several influential conservative organizations, a leading cable news network and even the Republican National Committee.

Dubbed the Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Program (TVTP), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiative has been quietly manipulated by the Biden administration to further a sinister agenda of sticking it to political detractors beyond the Democratic party.

Under this program, eighty of the chosen organizations raking in up to $1.9 million in taxpayerfunded grants receive training seminars facilitated by DHS officials led by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas himself, who calls the program ahigh priority.

In Ohio, the University of Dayton received a $352,109 TVTP grant for what has been dubbed PREVENTSOH, an organization ostensibly created to combatdomestic violence extremism and hate. But observation of its activities reveals attempts to murkily destabilize Republican party and associated organizations, mirroring the activities of oppressive regimes.

Michael Loadenthal of the University of Cincinnati has been involved in theWhite Nationalism Workshop, in which he presented inflammatory presentations denigrating the Republican National Committee, Christian Broadcasting Network, The Heritage Foundation, Fox News, Turning Point USA, PragerU, the National Rifle Association, Breitbart News and other political adversaries asfarright extremist threats. The workshop even attended by Loadenthal, a selfproclaimed anarchist organizer, discuss techniques to fightextremism through criminalisation such as illegal infiltration and surveillance.

Besides having an eye on the 2022 Congressional election, armtwisting and heavyhanded tactics are seen in other areas from President Bidens failed Ministry of Truth project to his recently exposed Global Disinformation Index (GDI) effort to target conservative media outlets, and even his ambition to placecops in newsrooms.

The implications here are clear: the Biden administration is using the federal governments unparalleled strength to launch a weaponized program against political opponents, which has no place in a Constitutional democracy. DHS Secretary Mayorkas must be held accountable and all those involved in this outrageous ploy must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Americans deserve to know their hardearned tax money is not being used to overthrow the most basic tenets of freedom: speech, press, and association.


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