Biden’s Border Chief Issues New Statement About Ongoing Border Rush

President Joe Bidens border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, says he cant explain why hundreds of thousands of migrants are rushing to the United States, even though he has access to intelligence and police agencies and is tasked with guarding the border.

Migrants have cited a desire for a better life and job opportunities as reasons for their migration, yet Mayorkas claimed ignorance seems to be an easy way out for not addressing the issue headon.

Mayorkas promigration policies have caused at least 1,000 migrant deaths and have put a strain on local governments in the United States. In response to the surge of migrants, Mayorkas has reached an agreement with Mexico to address the issue, though he was unable to provide details, saying only that hewere going to see the results of that agreement very shortly.

Mayorkas has also attempted to deflect criticism of his policies by saying that the immigration system isbroken, a claim that was quickly dismissed by Rep. Henry Cuellar (DTX). Cuellar said that just claiming the system is broken is aneasy way out and that the Biden administration should be providinglaw and order at the border and still respect the dignity of the immigrants that have legitimate claims.

The New York Times echoed Mayorkas sentiment in its May 7 report, claiming that the surge of migrants is due to thepandemicinspired restrictions andthree years of pentup demand. However, the newspaper also admitted that the Biden administration has taken steps toencourage a more orderly flow of migration.

U.S. border officials are also preparing for the surge by making it easier for economic migrants to get through the border. Mayorkas has said that his border management isall about achieving equity, a sentiment which implies equity between U.S. citizens and foreign citizens. He has opened many loopholes for millions of economic migrants to cross into the United States and has said that reforming the immigration systemhasnt been working for many, many years.

Mayorkas is a promigration zealot who is pushing for an immigration system that allows for the admission of 1.4 million immigrants in 2023 to fill the labor shortage in Canada.

Though Mayorkas claims that his policies are focused on creating a secure border, his agency is struggling to keep up with the influx of migrants. There are currently 35,000 migrants in Ciudad Juárez, another 15,000 in Tijuana, and thousands more elsewhere on the Mexican side of the border.

The Biden administrations promigration policies have put a strain on American citizens and their local governments. Lower living standards, more civic chaos, and a tougher future for American kids are just some of the consequences of these policies.

Despite the negative impacts of Mayorkas policies, he has refused to take any responsibility for the influx of migrants and continues to push for an immigration system that is more beneficial to foreign citizens than it is to American citizens.


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