Dems Back Shocking Law Targeting Minors

Governors of two Democratled states, Minnesota and Washington, have signed laws to protect those seeking abortions and sexchange surgeries. The laws, signed by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday, prevent other states from using courts and judicial processes to enforce prohibitions on abortion and sexchange treatments for minors.

The laws are the latest in a string of liberal states to pass legislation in the wake of the Supreme Courts ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. These laws are aimed at protecting the freedom of choice and access to health care.

However, antiabortion advocates and legislators have questioned the need for the new laws, since abortion is already protected under state laws. Washington Republican Rep. Jim Walsh tweeted that the policies areantifamily.”

Walz signed a bill in January codifying abortion as a right. The bill, according to the Minnesota legislature last month, would make the state atrans refuge andprohibit the enforcement of a court order for removal of a child or enforcement of another states law being applied in a pending child protection action in Minnesota when the law of another state allows the child to be removed from the parent or guardian for receiving medically necessary health care or mental health care that respects the genderidentity of the patient.”

In Washington, the law is aimed at states such as neighboring Idaho that made it illegal for an adult to help a minor get an abortion without parental consent. Starting next year, anyone in Idaho who provides sex reassignment care for transgender youth could end up a convicted felon.

Minnesota‘s first openly transgender legislator, Rep. Leigh Finke, was the chief House author of the transgender refuge bill. Finke commented on the legislation, saying,All of us are living our daily lives, trying to simply find space to be who we are, to love who we love, to exist in our schools, to exist peacefully in our families, just find a space for us to be whole.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Paul Utke argued against the abortion bill, saying that Minnesota should not protect doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who have intentionally violated the abortion laws of other states.

Abortion has been legal in Washington state since a 1970 statewide referendum. In 1991, Washington voters approved codifying Roe vs. Wade into state law. Clinics in Washington have reported 138 more abortions per month since the court decision to overturn Roe than in the months before it.

As more states continue to pass laws restricting access to abortion and sex change treatments, it is clear that Minnesota and Washington are leading the way to protect the rights of those seeking abortions and genderaffirming care.


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