Ford Finds Heavy Criticism After Recent Partner Choice When Building New Batteries

Ford Motor Company has been forced to extreme backlash from all sides this past week for choosing to push forward with a new project which will see the automotive titan working with Chinese companies in an effort to create new batteries in Michigan to be utilized by the company’s new line of electric cars.

This shocking news comes as the struggling auto brand has recently lost billions over the last year while under the guidance of CEO Jim Farley due to, in part, a series of very bad investments and horrible vehicle quality control that ended up sparkings a large number of expensive recalls, as explained in a report from The New York Times.

The deal from Ford with the ntemporary Amperex Technology Co., the Chinese company in question, was made public just after Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin extricated his state from a plan to try and pull the automaker due to specifically its connection to the Chinese company.

“I look forward to bringing a great company there,” Youngkin, who is known to be a very successful businessman in his own right, explained in an interview last month. “It won’t be one that uses kind of a Trojan-horse relationship with the Chinese Communist Party in order to gain.”

The plan from Ford seems to be to work alongside Contemporary Amperex Technology for the $3.5 billion battery plant which is expected to open its doors in 2026 and employ a few thousand people. The company is expected to try and save funds by creating these batteries out of less expensive materials.

The breaking of this new spawned a wave of harsh criticism followed by threats of congressional investigations into the company because of its apparent relationship with communist China.

“Woke companies that lecture Americans about the equity agenda are always, without fail, in bed with the Chinese communists,” expressed Arthur Schwartz, a political strategist, via social media. “@Ford to move forward with $3.5 billion EV battery plant with Chinese partner.”

One source really close to the House Republican leadership stated: “The closer Ford gets to the Chinese communists the closer we’re going to look at their business.”

“We’re quickly approaching the point where Ford’s business practices are becoming a national security threat,” expressed the source.

One Michigan Republican strategist signaled that Republican legislators in the state much be ready to put a stop to any and all tax incentives for Ford because of the extremely negative impact that comes along with doing business with communist China.

“Ford is seeking close to a billion dollars in tax incentives from the State of Michigan,” stated the strategist. “That’s a billion dollars that will directly benefit the Chinese Communist Party. Republican lawmakers in Michigan should understand that this is an issue that will get national attention.”


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