Ford Issues Concerning Announcement About Upcoming Lincoln SUV

Ford Motor Company is making history by importing its nextgeneration Lincoln Nautilus from China, the first time ever for the storied American auto manufacturer. The move has sparked intense backlash, coming amid a planned Ford plant in Marshall, Michigan, that involves Chinas premier electric vehicle battery supplier.

This month, Ford announced that the Lincoln Nautilus would be made in China and imported to be sold in the United States. Previously, the SUV was made in Ontario, Canada before being shipped to the U.S. market for sale.

Experts have called for President Joe Biden and Congress to increase U.S. tariffs on vehicles made in China, which currently sits at around 25 percent. Coalition for a Prosperous America CEO Michael Stumo wrote on Twitter,25% tariffs on China built autos not enough. Dan DiMicco, who served on former President Trumps trade transition team, suggested the tariffs be raised to 50 percent.

As the backlash mounts, President Bidens administration has remained silent on the announcement, just as officials have largely kept quiet as Ford seeks to partner with Chinas Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. (CATL) to build a $3.4 billion electric vehicle battery plant in Marshall. CATL CEO Zeng Yuqun is a member of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee a highranking CCP advisory body that serves as a central component of the partysUnited Front efforts.

This week, local electeds in Marshall will hear from community members about the planned FordCATL plant. Many oppose the plant because they say the residents have not been consulted in any way while Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) brags about throwing millions in taxpayerfunded subsidies to the project.

The planned FordCATL plant seemingly comes as Ford closed down its plant located out in the town of Romeo, Michigan, which served as the regions largest employer. Now, those 600 American auto workers have been left with having to be placed at other Ford plants.

With the Lincoln Nautilus set to become the first vehicle manufactured by Ford in China and imported to the U.S., the move has those in the industry calling for increased tariffs to protect American auto workers and domestic industry from being forced to compete against subsidized, Chinamade vehicles. Whether President Biden and Congress will heed the call remains to be seen.


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