Radio Host Claims Biden Only Shot To Affect The Midterms Would Be To Let Out ‘Every Single Person’ Locked Up For ‘Non-Violent Weed Offense’

One well-known podcaster, Charlamagne Tha God, issued some advice to Old Uncle Joe concerning the upcoming midterms by telling Biden that he would need to let “every single person” locked up “federally for a non-violent marijuana offense” out of jail.

As part of the radio host’s podcast entitled “Brilliant Idiots,” which is cohosted by another comedian named Andrew Schulz, the now TV personality, now aged 44 -year-old, went off on an odd rant, labeling it “incredibly disrespectful” for the president to whine about the nine-year sentence for the possession of Cannabis of WNBA star Brittney Griner in Russia, “unacceptable.”

His co-host then made sure to highlight that it was Biden himself, who was a senator at the time, that “created the bill that put people away for far longer” in our own country, seemingly referring to the 1994 Law Enforcement Act.

The show host went on to state that it was not just the “94 crime bill, but there was the 88 crack laws” and “the 86 mandatory minimum sentencing laws” that Biden had gone out of his way to establish.

“It’s like, yo, we live in a country where right now, if Joe Biden wanted to — don’t need no votes, no nothing,” he stated. “He could literally pardon every single person that is federally jailed for a non-violent weed offense. He could pardon every single body. There’s motherf***ers doing life in jail for an ounce and a half of marijuana right now.”

“My whole point is, man, when you live in a country where more than half of the country has legalized weed in some way, shape, or form, whether it’s for medicinal, whether it’s for recreational — to have people still locked up for marijuana in f***ing America is ridiculous,” explained the host.

Charlamagne then went on to claim that while Biden is “talking about what another country is doing in the unacceptable sentence that Brittney Griner has,” he needs to make sure to step back and look at what is happening at home.

“What about the unacceptable sentences here in America?” he posited. “If I’m Joe Biden, you need this for the midterms, bro. Okay, I’m pardoning every single body that’s locked up federally for a non-violent marijuana offense. Let ’em all out.”

“Now he’s [Biden’s] pardoned like 75 people,” he stated. “That’s nowhere near enough. … Wouldn’t that be great for the midterms?”

“Wouldn’t that be a great headline?” concluded the podcaster. “Cause that’s something simple that people can grasp onto. That’s something simple, regular people in conversation can talk about and understand. ‘Yo, you see Biden let all these people off for weed, yo.’ You know what I mean? That’s something simple that will get headlines and garner him some great PR.”


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