School District Enrages Parents With Insane New Rules

Parents in an Ohio school district are suing over a policy they claim punishes students who intentionallymisgender their peers.

Parents Defending Education (PDE), a parental rights organization, filed a lawsuit against the Olentangy Local School District on Thursday, claiming their policy violates First Amendment rights by penalizing students who use pronouns different from their peerspreferred pronouns.

The districts Personal Communication Devices Policy states that students who use their cell phones or laptops to send messages that are viewed asharassment based on race, sex,transgender identity and political beliefs are subject to disciplinary action, ranging from a warning to expulsion depending on the nature of the incident.

The district also allegedly confirmed that its policies prohibit students from intentionally misgendering others.

PDE Vice President Caroline Moore said,Theharassment policies at Olentangy impinge on basic constitutional rights and are overbroad in a way that polices students speech both inside and outside of the classroom. We feel deeply for what these students and their families have gone through day in and day out during their time in the District. We look forward to championing their First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit claims that the districts policies have caused individuals to selfcensor out of fear of punishment and have led to physical and emotional harm to parents who have advised their children to remain silent or avoid using sexspecific pronouns.

The school district has not responded to the DCNFs request for comment.

This lawsuit highlights the ongoing debate over the rights of transgender students in schools. While some argue that students should be allowed to use the pronouns they prefer, others argue that this could lead to students being punished for expressing their beliefs.

At the same time, its important to recognize that students should not be subject to harassment or bullying based on their gender identity. As this case is being litigated, its essential that schools put in place policies that protect all students and their rights to express themselves without fear of retribution.


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