Stomping Incident Shocks College Football Fans

Louisiana Tech linebacker Brevin Randle sparked controversy in the Bulldogs’ game against UTEP Miners on Friday, Oct. 2. During a run by UTEP quarterback Jake McNamara, Randle was seen stomping on the back of Miners offensive lineman Steven Hubbard’s neck. The incident was caught on camera and immediately went viral on social media.

Fans on social media were quick to condemn Randle’s actions, calling them “disgusting” and “unacceptable.” Many also criticized the referees for not penalizing Randle for his behavior. After the game, UTEP coach Dana Dimel expressed his disappointment with the incident, stating that the referees had informed him that they did not see what had happened.

The altercation between Randle and Hubbard occurred in the first quarter of the game, which Louisiana Tech went on to win 24-10. Despite the incident, Randle had a strong performance on the field, recording 6 total tackles and 1 sack. The senior linebacker has been a key player for the Bulldogs this season, with 46 total tackles and 2 sacks so far.

The question now is whether Randle will face any disciplinary consequences for his actions. Louisiana Tech has not yet released a statement addressing the incident, but it is likely that the university will conduct an investigation and take appropriate action. In the past, the university has taken swift action against players who have been involved in similar incidents.

Meanwhile, UTEP is also dealing with the aftermath of the incident. Coach Dimel stated that the referee who approached him at halftime was “class act” and admitted that he had missed the incident. This suggests that there may have been an opportunity for the referee to penalize Randle during the game, but the penalty was not given.

This incident highlights the need for stricter enforcement of player conduct on the field. With the popularity of social media, players must be aware that their actions are being scrutinized by the public at all times. Such behavior not only reflects poorly on the players involved but also on the university and the sport as a whole.

In the end, Louisiana Tech’s victory over UTEP will likely be overshadowed by Randle’s controversial act. Moving forward, it is important for all players to remember that sportsmanship and respect for one another should be at the forefront of their actions on and off the field. It is also the responsibility of coaches and referees to hold players accountable for their actions and ensure the safety and integrity of the game. Only then can incidents like this be prevented in the future.


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