Trump Receives Unexpected Result To His Massive Announcement At Mar-A-Lago

Former President Donald Trump received a response that was quite shocking to him from the political Right in the wake of his Tuesday evening announcement that he was officially kicking off his presidential election campaign, for the third time.

Trump issued this large announcement from his Floridian home in Mar-a-Lago to a fairly sizable crowd of supporters directly after filing the federal paperwork necessary for a presidential run. Trump issued his announcement despite the numerous calls from former aides, such as Jason Miller and Kayleigh McEnany, to hold off on the announcement of his campaign until the results of the U.S. Senate runoff election come in for Georgia.

“My fellow citizens, America’s comeback starts right now,” exclaimed Trump to an excited crowd. “In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.”

The response coming from Left-wing activists, the mainstream media, and Democrats was exactly what many would think: pandemonium, outrage, and panic.

What came as a bit of shock to most though was the response from conservative bases, which seemed to be fairly equally split into two camps: those who identified as die-hard supporters of Trump seeking more and an escalating number of those who are seeking change.

One of the most shocking complaints about Trump’s lackluster announcement speech was that he appeared to be extremely low energy when you compare it to how he has acted in the past.

Previously, when Trump announced his very first campaign for the White House back in 2015, he had just hit 69 years old, and he quickly shifted his attacks at then-front-runner, Jeb Bush, who he marked as “low energy.” Trump, who is now 76 years old, would be 78  by the time he would be officially inaugurated if he were able to secure the presidential election in 2024.

This new campaign from Trump takes place in the wake of two years of Democrat control over both Congress and the White House, a unified front that seemingly spurred decades-high inflation and gas prices and historic levels of illegal immigration on the southern border. Most notably, Old Uncle Joe and his administration bungled a few high-profile foreign policy decisions, which includes the pullout of Afghanistan — which returned to Taliban control almost immediately — and the failure to put an end to the COVID pandemic in the wake of promising to take strides to shut down the virus.



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