Biden Expected To Loosen Sanctions Against Venezuela & Release Nephews Of Convicted Narco Trafficker

Reportedly, Old Uncle Joe is making preparations to lessen the currently in place sanctions that have been levied against socialist Venezuela to let a U.S. oil company continue its production there, which takes place after an early morning Wednesday announcement from OPEC in which they stated they would be dropping oil production.

The report from the New York Times stated that both Saudi Arabia and Russia, now acting as the leaders of the giant 23-member nation OPEC energy cartel, announced a significant drop in oil production of roughly two million barrels per day, a plan that will likely spark the prices of gas to skyrocket and cause political problems for the Biden administration.

The Biden administration is now “preparing” to drop sanctions against Venezuela to allow Chevron to pump oil once again out of the leftist authoritarian regime in an effort to try and halt political disaster for the administration sparked by soaring fuel prices.

The administration would offer “significant sanctions relief” if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s regime announced that they were open to holding talks with the political opposition within the country and hosted fair and free elections for 2024. The administration has also struggled to work out a deal in order to free up multiple hundreds of millions of dollars in Venezuelan funds that are currently hung up within U.S. banking institutions.

Officials with the Biden administration also released several convicted and jailed narco-traffickers related to Maduro in order to exchange them for hostages being held by the regime in an effort that could quite likely end up incentivizing other hostile entities to detain American citizens in order to use them as bargaining chips to strongarm Biden.

“Well, the two Venezuelans that were released are the nephews of Maduro who happen to be convicted drug dealers,” explained Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at the start of the week. “They were put in jail after being convicted after a fair trial in the United States. Evidence was produced and it was overwhelming.”

“That has now put a price tag on Americans. Every time you do one of these deals — and I wanted those people released as much as anybody,” Rubio went on to state. “But every time you do this, now others know, I can take Americans, I can hold them until I need something as a bargaining chip.”

Rubio stated that the trade was a large win for the dictator’s regime: “So I think seven innocent American hostages in exchange for two convicted drug dealers who happen to be the nephews of Maduro is a huge win for Maduro and, unfortunately, puts Americans all over the world now in danger.”


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