Biden Gaffe Ends Up Insulting Foreign President – Watch

President Joe Biden may be in Japan, but his impressions have embarrassed Americans back home as the looming debt ceiling deadline loom. In his four days abroad, Biden has already drawn criticism for being confused and discombobulated while on camera. Additionally, he was seen with multiple cheat sheets, and the press questioned where he was getting his information from.

But it doesn‘t stop there. Last month, Biden met with South Korean President Moon Jaein while in Japan. Yet, when asked about it today, Biden referred to the President asPresident Loon. Obviously, this did not go over well, and apologizing to the South Koreans for this mistake was certainly not an ideal task for the staffers of President Bidens staff.

But what is more alarming is President Bidens acknowledgment that he is unaware of the debtceiling negotiations opinions back home. He told reportersYou all may know more from questioning than I do. While it is reassuring that Biden understands he does not know as much as the press on some issues, how much exactly is he out of the loop? Especially concerning are the decisions he is making while abroad.

Where America stands on the debt ceiling is not hidden from anyone. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy openly shared his distaste for the White Houses lack of understanding that the debt ceiling needs to be raised. The American people are not in favor of a deal without conditions, as the polls have asserted. It does not appear that President Biden or his leftist handlers gets this message. Raising the debt limit without conditions could lead to economic devastation, and no one in the U.S. is in the mood for that.

The reality is, the Trump administration negotiated a miracle in 2017, and Biden and his handlers can not do better. It is time for President Biden to get to work and come to an agreement. The American people cannot wait any longer, and Japan can not be the distraction from economic crisis that Bidens handlers are hoping for. Joe Biden is in an incredibly important position right now, and it is essential that he rises to the challenge. Americans have high expectations of the man now representing us abroad, and Joe Biden needs to start living up to them.




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