Biden Speaks At Morehouse For Graduation – VIDEO

US President Joe Biden faced opposition and rejection from some Morehouse College students while delivering his commencement address on Sunday. Multiple students turned their backs on Biden, demonstrating their dissatisfaction with his policies and leadership. The historic African American college in Atlanta, Georgia, was the site of this protest, where the students also wore traditional Palestinian scarves.

The president addressed the issue saying, “I support peaceful nonviolent protest,” during his speech to the graduates. Despite many students turning their faces away, he continued his address, possibly trying to quell the anger with words. This incident comes at a time when Biden’s support has been declining among black and young voters during his re-election campaign, as per sources.

“In a democracy, we debate and dissent about America’s role in the world,” Biden mentioned in his speech, as per CNN. The 46th US president also highlighted his achievements in appointing African Americans to high positions, including the court. However, this seems to have done little to appease the protestors, as the issue of Palestine and Israel was also brought up during the address.

In regard to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, Biden stated, “It’s a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, that’s why I’ve called for an immediate ceasefire.” He further added, “I know it angers and frustrates many of you, including in my family.” The president’s stance on the Israel-Palestinian issue has earned him criticism from both parties. Pro-Palestinian activists are unhappy over the lack of sanctions on the Israel Defense Forces and military aid to Israel, while supporters of Israel are dissatisfied with Biden’s calls for restraint in the Jewish state’s fight against Tehran.

The controversy surrounding Biden’s visit to Morehouse College has been building up for days. According to a letter circulated among the school’s alumni, his presence was criticized due to his position on Israel, stated the New York Post. The situation in Gaza was also a topic of discussion in the valedictorian address delivered by DeAngelo Fletcher. “The Israel-Gaza conflict has plagued the people of its region for generations,” Fletcher said. “Both sides have suffered heavy casualties, and from the comfort of our homes, we have watched an unprecedented number of civilians mourn the loss of men, women, and children.”

In addition to the protest and opposition, there are reports of growing apathy for Biden among black voters. According to NBC News and its polling, only 59% of respondents expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming 2024 election, compared to 74% in 2020. The president’s advantage over former President Donald Trump in terms of black voters has also declined since the 2020 general election. This could be a cause of concern for Biden’s re-election campaign, as he seeks to maintain and increase his support among minority communities.

Biden’s address at Morehouse College was an opportunity for him to connect with young, black voters and showcase his commitment to diversity and inclusion. However, the protest and lack of enthusiasm among the students highlight the challenges he is facing in winning over this crucial demographic. As the 2022 mid-term elections loom, Biden will need to address these concerns and work towards regaining the support of young, minority voters. The issue of Israel and Palestine also remains a contentious one, and it remains to be seen how the president navigates this complex situation in the coming months.


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