Biden’s Incidents at Veterans Day Event Spark Concern

President Joe Biden appeared to be confused and disoriented on Saturday during a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Veterans Day.

As the 80-year-old president was guided by a member of the Honor Guard to place a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he seemed unsure of what to do next. After placing the wreath, Biden turned around and began walking back to his place, only to suddenly turn back towards the wreath.

The member of the Honor Guard raised a gloved hand to gesture for Biden to return to his place. The awkward moment was captured live on C-SPAN and quickly spread through social media, drawing criticism from many who were concerned about the president’s age and ability to serve in office.

While Biden has faced criticism and scrutiny for gaffes and fumbling around on stage, the latest incident has reignited questions about his age and fitness for a second term as president. In a recent Politico newsletter, Biden’s age was referred to as a “no laughing matter,” and a major factor in his dip in poll numbers.

According to an Associated Press-NORC poll from August, three-quarters of adults believe Biden is too old to serve effectively as president. Even among Democrats, 69% expressed concerns about his age. When asked to describe Biden, many used words associated with being “old, outdated, aging, and elderly,” while others mentioned words associated with being “slow and confused.”

This perception of Biden’s age and ability to lead has become a major obstacle for the president, as he seeks to regain approval from the American public and maintain support from his own party. In contrast, Biden’s potential challenger for 2024, former President Donald Trump, does not suffer from the same perception of being too old or unfit for office.

As Biden continues to navigate his presidency and address the concerns raised by his age, many are calling for a clearer strategy and approach to address these doubts and restore confidence in his leadership. With the 2024 election already on the horizon, it remains to be seen how Biden will address these concerns and prove his ability to lead the nation effectively.


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