Disney Slammed With Another Flop, The Magic Is Gone

It appears Disneys streak of box office flops and disappointments is continuing with their latest animation, Elemental. According to prognosticators, this film is set to open somewhere in the ballpark of $31 to $41 million and has been met with lessthanstellar reviews. After reportedly dumping $200 million into the production and another $100 to $150 million in marketing, there is a chance the film could potentially fail to pass $100 million at the box office, highlighting the dire situation Disney finds itself in.

Disneys onceformidable animation brand has been on the downfall, as an influx of films with shady subject matters have been met with audience rejection. The studio seemingly continues to invest in films that alienate young viewers instead of focusing on stories they will enjoy and relate to. The travesty that was The Little Mermaid remake is just one example of this, a film featuring a male in a dress which was set to feature in the liveaction version, something that is at odds with Walt Disneys legacy.

This toxic business model has led to Pixars Elemental being slated to open at the tailend of the summer, a huge difference from the traditional summer openers from the studio and suggesting that Disney is doing its best to keep it under wraps. Indeed, Pixars last few effortsCars 3, The Good Dinosaur, and The Incredibles 2 respectivelyhad opened up to $138.9 million, $123 million, and $182.7 million. All of these films met with critical acclaim, whereas Elemental holds a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

While Pixar could face tragedy with Elemental, Indiana Jones looks set to suffer the same fate. After years of buildup, the fifth installment arrives with the world no longer in love with Harrison Ford and facing some potential brand controversy due to its story.

The trouble at Disney has extended far beyond Elemental and Indiana Jones, with Star Wars, Willow, Marvel, and Galaxy of the Galaxy 3 being no strangers to unfortunately positioned films or failures at the box office. Looking good to take the crown from them is Universal with its Super Mario Bros. release, which, even with a marginal box office showing by franchise standards, has dethroned the onceformidable Disney animation brand so far.

Disney could be in for another expensive mistake if it doesnt reign in its stranglehold on franchises and focus on what audiences really want to see. While the studio may still engage in its suspect workplace practices and child grooming, its power at the box office dwindles each month. Its time they stop turning children‘s entertainment into a breeding ground for criminality.


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