Homeowner’s Horror After What Trail Cam Reveals. Didn’t See This One Coming

A wildlife enthusiast was left stunned after her camera reportedly captured two scantilyclad women holding what she believes could be a ritualistic feast just yards from her home.

Corinea Stanhope, 36, from Powell River, Canada, found a dead deer near her house, and decided to place a trail camera to capture signs of wildlife at night.

But when the 36yearold and her 76yearold grandfather Bob checked the footage the next day, they could not believe what they saw: two halfnaked women, with matted black hair hanging over their faces and wearing only a piece of cloth covering their lower body, appeared todine on the carcass.

Images on the camera showed the figures reaching out to the deer with long fingers and picking up a hoof before bringing it close to their face to take a bite.

Horrified by what she had seen, Stanhope said her house is just a twominute walk from where the figures were spotted, and that she also keeps her horses on the same piece of land.

The wild lover shared the images on social media and people were terrified, with some believing it was a ritualistic feast by witches, walking demons or wendigos.

Stanhope said she was almost tempted to contact the police but her grandfather advised her against doing so, as the figures weren‘t technically doing anything illegal.

I‘m hoping they went for a walk in the day, saw the trail cam was set up and wanted to have a bit of fun with us or they‘re on some good drugs,” she said.

But many social media users weren‘t convinced, with one commenting:That‘s basically a walking demon from hell. Stay safe please, and don‘t go out alone.”

Another urged her to contact the police, as someone else said they had once seen a pair of people in the woods carrying dead squirrels.

Despite intense speculation, some suggested the figures were just pranksters who had seen the camera and were having a bit of fun.

I think it was a prank,” one social media user commented.In the last picture, it looks like you can see blonde curly hair under a long black wig (the figure closest to camera).”

Stanhope said she was left shaken by the experience, but hoped the figures were just playing a prank.

It really creeped me out,” she said.Maybe they were paying their respects but they were naked.”


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