Lawmakers Comments After Israel Defends From Attack

In recent days, there has been a shift in the attitudes of some Democrats toward Israel. After months of criticism and calls for a cease-fire in Gaza, some Democrats are now showing support for Israel following a major attack by Iran. This change in tone has raised questions about how long their support for Israel will last.

On Sunday, New York Democratic Representative Ritchie Torres joked, “It is politically popular to be pro-Israel again!” He pledged to stand by Israel even when it becomes unpopular. He stated, “A fair-weather friend is no friend at all.”

The catalyst for this change in attitude was Iran’s attack on Israel, which saw over 300 drones and missiles launched at the country over the weekend. This attack has been condemned by many Democrats, including Senator Chris Van Hollen, who had previously criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to Hamas’s attacks. Van Hollen took to social media to condemn the Iranian attack and show support for Israel’s right to defend itself.

Vice President Kamala Harris had also expressed criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza and had called for a cease-fire. However, following Iran’s attack, Harris stated on social media, “Our support for Israel’s security is ironclad, and we stand with the people of Israel in defense against these attacks.”

Similarly, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has been vocal in his criticism of Israel’s response to the conflict in Gaza, calling for a temporary cease-fire. However, after Iran’s attack, he reiterated the U.S.’s commitment to Israel’s security, stating, “our commitment to Israel’s security is ironclad.”

While some Democrats used the attack as an opportunity to show support for Israel, others reiterated their calls for a cease-fire in Gaza. Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted her condemnation of Iran’s attack but also stressed the need for an “urgent de-escalation and a cease-fire in Gaza to prevent a wider regional conflict.”

Other Democrats, including Senator Peter Welch, Representative Cori Bush, and Representative Jamaal Bowman, also used the opportunity to call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

It is important to note that Iran did not explicitly state that the attack was in response to activities in Gaza. Instead, the country cited Israeli airstrikes in Syria as the reason for the attack. This has led some, including Senator Bernie Sanders, to call out Israel for its actions and criticize the U.S.’s support of the country.

However, despite the support shown by some Democrats for Israel, the Biden administration has reportedly informed Israel that they will not assist in any counter-attack against Iran. This decision is based on concerns that it could escalate into a larger regional conflict.

Overall, the recent events have shed light on the complex relationship between Israel, its neighbors, and the U.S. While some Democrats have expressed unwavering support for Israel, others have been critical of its actions. The attack by Iran has prompted a reevaluation of these attitudes, raising questions about the long-term stability of the U.S.-Israel relationship. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Biden administration and Democrats will navigate this delicate issue.


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