NY Attorney General’s ‘Drag Story Hour’ Finally Has ‘Family Friendly’ Alternative From Libs Of TikTok

The event hosted by New York Attorney General Letitia James known as “Drag Story Hour” will now have some competition from an odd source, Libs of TikTok.

As the owner of the popular anti-woke Twitter account, Chaya Raichik advertised her own story hour event this past weekend that she stated will be held just down the street from the less family-friendly event.

“Protect your kids and come hear an important message at an event that’s actually family friendly,” explained a tweet from this past Wednesday.

Trent Talbot, the CEO of Brave Books, is slated to join Raichik over the same four-hour period that James is slated to host her event, a period of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and their respective books will end up being featured, as explained on the Eventbrite page.

Raichik’s book, “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern,” is now being advertised as being a conservative tale which promises to be “a modern twist to the familiar Grimm’s-style fairy tale, even including a big bad wolf.” Talbot has a book entitled “Fight For Freedom Island.”

James, who has been leading a new high-profile civil investigation regarding the business empire of former President Donald Trump, announced that she is going to be hosting a “Drag Queen Story” party to take place on Sunday in Manhattan.

“Families with children” were noted specifically as the target of such an event in the flyer that was posted via Instagram. James stated that drag storytellers, community leaders, and elected officials would all be in attendance.

A number of new bills has been introduced in states all across the country to put a stop to minors being able to attend drag performances as “Drag Story Hour” events in particular started to become the focus of extreme criticism.

Among those who chastised James for hosting such an event was Raichik herself.

“Our tax dollars are being used by government officials to fund and promote the sexualization of our children,” she exclaimed via a post to social media.



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