Panic Sparks Horrible Stampede At New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show

The festivities at one chopping center located in the capital city of Uganda this past weekend managed to spark a horrible stampede of people that resulted in the deaths of at least nine people, which included a number of children, reported police officials on Sunday.

The massive rush of people rushed around in Kampala just outside of the Freedom City Mall in the wake of a fireworks display. Witnesses state that crowds were trying to run in opposite directions, which ended up leading to a number of people being trampled, crushed, and suffocating to death.

“After the display ended, a stampede ensued resulting in the instant deaths of five people and injuries of several others,” explained Lucas Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman. “Emergency responders arrived on the scene and transported the injured individuals to the hospital, where nine were confirmed dead,” he stated, as reported by Voice of America.

In a release, officials with the Uganda Police Force stated that it is investigating the incident of “rash and neglect” and eventually confirmed that “several juveniles” were found among the nine dead. It went on to add that the incident took place just about midnight “when the event’s MC encouraged attendees to go outside and watch the fireworks display.”

“After the display ended, a stampede ensued, resulting in the instant deaths of five people and injuries to several others,” continued the statement.

“After the fireworks display, they were told to go back,” stated Patrick Onyango, a spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police. “That is where the stampede started because they were rushing, everybody was rushing inside.”

“She was enjoying, she was having fun,” one friend of a victim stated to the outlet. “But due to loss of breath… eventually she died.”

“There was a huge crowd. People began pushing each other for space, leading some to fall, and the stampede ensued,” one survivor stated to an outlet, The Guardian. “Children were crying and there was chaos. I survived because I was pushed in a corner by the crowd. I felt losing breath but I stayed put since I had no exit until the situation calmed down, but some people were already lying down gasping for breath.”

This particular mall has been noted to be a very popular destination and is utilized as a major venue for all kinds of music and for basically any type of celebration, as explained in a report from the Associated Press.



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