Roberts Speaks After Hunter Conviction

On Tuesday, Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, released a statement following Hunter’s conviction on firearms charges in Delaware. Her statement, while seemingly standard in its acknowledgment of the legal process, reveals deeper concerns about the implications for her daughter’s future.

“I respect the legal process and the verdict reached in Hunter Biden’s gun trial. It is crucial that justice is served and that all individuals are held accountable for their actions, regardless of their status,” Roberts began.

She emphasized that this verdict underscores the principle that the law applies equally to everyone. “As the mother of Hunter’s child, my primary concern has always been the well-being and future of our daughter. It is my hope that the resolution of these legal matters allows for a more stable and positive environment for her upbringing,” she continued.

Roberts’s statement, while seemingly a standard press release, hints at underlying worries. One can infer that she is likely concerned about the potential impact on the financial support Hunter provides for their daughter. If Hunter ends up incarcerated, fulfilling child-support payments could become challenging.

Her primary concerns are further clarified in the latter part of her statement. “I remain committed to ensuring that her [Navy’s] needs are met and that she is provided with the love, support, and security she deserves. Moving forward, I hope for a future where we can all focus on her best interests and work towards a peaceful resolution for our family,” Roberts added.

Lunden Roberts is in a difficult position. While her initial choice of relationships may be questioned, she now finds herself the mother of a child she deeply cares for and whose welfare she prioritizes. Hunter Biden, the child’s father, has notoriously tried to distance himself from any responsibility, both financially and emotionally.

Joe and Jill Biden, Navy’s grandparents, have never met her. Despite the president’s public persona of being a doting grandparent, Navy Joan remains conspicuously absent from this narrative.

This situation highlights a stark contrast between the Bidens’ public and private personas. Most parents and grandparents would not willingly be estranged from their family. Yet, Navy Joan only receives child-support checks from her father and seemingly no acknowledgment from her grandparents.

The Bidens’ approach to family, particularly in the case of Navy Joan, appears to be more talk than action. Roberts’s statement, amid the media storm surrounding Hunter’s conviction, comes across as a poignant and somewhat forlorn plea for the welfare of her daughter.


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