Schiff Is About To Lose More Than Just A Committee Seat Hints McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has suggested that Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California should be expelled from Congress after the release of the Durham report.

The findings of the 300page report, which investigated the FBIs handling of its investigation into accusations of collusion between the 2016 presidential campaign of thencandidate Donald Trump and the Russian government, prompted McCarthy to call for Schiff‘s removal from Congress.

It really raises the question about Adam Schiff. Remember when he told the American people he had proof? Remember when he told them he didnt know the whistleblower? And what he put American through? And openly lied to us? McCarthy said during a Wednesday press conference.

And now its proven in this as well? It raises a lot of questions about his, just his character, his standing inside of Congress. And whether he should even be in Congress, he added.

The report found that the FBI had been biased in its investigation, charging into it without enough evidence to justify the probe.

McCarthy reiterated his accusations against Schiff while appearing on Fox News Wednesday.

They took America through an impeachment over a lie that they knew. You had Adam Schiff, who was chairman of the Intel Committee lying day after day to the American public that he had proof, that he needed proof, he said.

Why is this individual still even in Congress and why does he think he could even run for higher office after what he did? McCarthy asked.

The FBI has responded to the report with a brief statement claiming that it had already initiated changes that would prevent the same mistakes in the future.

McCarthy also accused both Schiff and Hillary Clinton of threatening American democracy through their actions related to the Russian collusion investigation.

The suggestion that Schiff should face expulsion from Congress has been met with criticism from fellow members of Congress, with many arguing that he should not be punished for speaking out against the president and his policies.

Schiff has yet to respond to McCarthy‘s suggestion, but many are expecting him to do so in the coming days.



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