California School District Reveals New Health Education Curriculum That Leaves People Confused

The teachers out of one Southern California School District are allegedly teaching kids with health education textbooks that over 10 sexual orientations and eight genders exist.

It has been reported by Fox News Digital that a new textbook titled “Comprehensive Health Skills for High School” was ordered by the Newport-Meda Unified School District and makes some very odd claims about sexuality and gender.

One mother with a kid going to school in the district, Alicia Beget, stated to Fox News Digital that the education system is sexualizing kids by normalizing sexual behavior for small children.

“We are placing them in a situation where they think that this is safe, that this is healthy, this is how we show love,” stated Beget. “And so they are being exploited by very evil people.”

“This is part of a larger agenda that those at the very top are well aware of what they’re doing,” she stated.

Teaching children that sexual orientation is entirely separated from their gender identity, one of the new books points out a total of eight different genders that includes agender, bigender, and androgynous. Other identities explained within the book are gender fluid, cisgender, and gender non-conforming. To go along with the trend of further confusing the children, the book also explains an option for them to be gender questioning.

When it comes to speaking about sexual orientation, the book goes on to list and describe over 10 different preferences.

To go along with hetero, homo, and bisexual orientations, the book makes sure to include androsexual, polysexual, skoliosexual, demisexual, pansexual, gynesexual, and asexual.

The Newport-Mesa district has also been previously called out by Fox News Digital after they discovered that the school district made use of a “Genderbread Identity” man for sex education classes.

A request for public records from the outlet found that the district makes use of a so-called “Genderbread Identity” man to tell middle and high school students about what it is like to be a transgender person going through high school.

This particular character seems to show up in a purchased curriculum titled “Teen Talk,” which many thousands of California are sent through.

Seemingly in response to Fox News Digital, the district stated that it goes along the state-adopted health education standards, which includes sexual health.

We use a state-approved health curriculum with select modules, taught by credentialed teachers. Parents can opt out their child from participating in comprehensive sex education. Parents also have the ability to review all curriculum taught in our schools so that they can be well-informed and make the best decisions for their child. We understand that there are varying viewpoints and beliefs, and we follow California State Standards for curriculum while also supporting parent choice.”


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