Chinese Sailors Fell Into Their Own Trap, May Be Fatal Mistake

In a tragic turn of events, the Chinese government has denied reports that one of their nuclear submarines, the 093-417, has sunk in the Yellow Sea. However, a secret UK report obtained by Mail Plus suggests otherwise.

According to the report, the incident occurred on August 21st when the submarine hit a chain and anchor trap, intended to ensnare British and Allied submarines. This resulted in a catastrophic failure of the submarine’s oxygen systems, leaving 55 Chinese sailors dead. Among the deceased were 22 officers, 7 officer cadets, 9 petty officers, and 17 sailors, including the submarine’s captain, Colonel Xue Yong-Peng.

While the cause of the accident is believed to be due to hypoxia caused by the failure of the submarine’s onboard oxygen system, the Chinese government has denied any involvement. The report also states that China did not request international assistance, leading to speculations as to why such an approach was not made.

The Chinese Type 093 submarines have been in service for the past 15 years and are known for their lower noise levels. These modern vessels are equipped with torpedoes and are among China’s most advanced submarines.

When approached for a comment, the Royal Navy declined to offer any guidance, which further added to the secrecy surrounding the incident. The UK report, based on defense intelligence, is classified at a high level, and its findings have not been independently confirmed.

A British submariner, speaking on the condition of anonymity, has offered a plausible explanation for the sinking. According to him, the submarine may have been trapped on the net system for several hours, causing the batteries to run low, and the air purifiers and treatment systems to fail. In such a scenario, the crew would have had to rely on secondary systems, which may have been inadequate in maintaining the air supply, leading to asphyxia or poisoning.

The sinking is reported to have taken place in the waters off China’s Shandong Province. There has been no official statement from the Chinese government on the incident, and Taiwan has also denied the reports.

While the details of the incident remain unclear, this tragedy serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by submariners and the risks involved in operating in the depths of the sea. The loss of 55 lives is a devastating blow, and the families of the deceased sailors deserve answers and closure. As more information becomes available, it is hoped that the true cause of the accident will be revealed and measures will be taken to prevent such tragedies in the future.


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