Pentagon Official Charged Over Dog Fighting Ring

On September 6, federal agents raided the home of a high-ranking Pentagon official, Deputy Chief Information Officer Frederick D. Moorefield Jr, outside of Washington, DC. According to the Justice Department, Moorefield had been charged with promoting and furthering an animal fighting venture.

During the raid, agents found evidence of an illegal dog fighting ring within Moorefield’s Arnold, Maryland home. This included battery jumper cables, five pit bulls, weighted collars, heavy metal chains, and breeding equipment. There were also bloodstains consistent with dog fights.

Moorefield’s operation, which he called “Geehad Kennels,” was allegedly in partnership with Mario Flythe, 49, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, who had his own dogfighting venture called “Razor Sharp Kennels.” Both men have been charged with possessing, training, or transporting animals for participation in an animal fighting venture.

Investigators also found evidence of the men using an encrypted messaging application to communicate with others across the US about dog fighting. They discussed training dogs, arranging and betting on fights, and even shared media reports of other dogfighting operations that had been caught by law enforcement.

The FBI, along with several other agencies, assisted in the investigation, which could potentially put Moorefield and Flythe behind bars for up to five years.

Moorefield’s position as the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Command, Control, and Communications at the Pentagon was to provide strategic direction and oversight for the implementation of C3 capabilities in support of Department of Defense operations. However, his bio has been scrubbed from Pentagon websites and he is currently listed as “acting” in the role.

According to Task and Purpose, Moorefield had been employed at the Pentagon since 2008 and had a background in research and development and information technology. It is unclear how long he had been involved in the illegal dogfighting venture.

The news of a high-ranking Pentagon official being involved in such a heinous crime has shocked many. The Defense Department has yet to release a statement regarding the charges brought against Moorefield and Flythe.

Animal fighting is a serious offense and is punishable by law. It is an inhumane practice that causes suffering and death to innocent animals. The investigation and charges against Moorefield and Flythe serve as a reminder that this illegal activity will not be tolerated.

Authorities are urging anyone with information about this case or other instances of animal fighting to come forward and report it. With the help of the public, they hope to put an end to this cruel and illegal practice.

As for Moorefield and Flythe, they will have to face the consequences of their actions in court. The justice system will determine their fate, but one thing is certain – their roles in the illegal dogfighting ring will have serious repercussions on their careers and reputation.


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