Dem Governor Announces Measure Amid Protests In NYC

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York held a press conference on Monday to address the alarming rise in hate crimes, particularly targeting the Jewish community, in the state. The Democratic governor, accompanied by Jewish leaders, local law enforcement, and federal authorities, spoke about the steps being taken to combat this disturbing trend.

Hochul started by acknowledging the diversity of New York and how the state has always been a melting pot of different cultures, religions, and viewpoints. She expressed her dismay over the recent surge in hate crimes and the cruelty with which New Yorkers are treating each other. She stated that it was painful to see how even places of worship are not spared from such hatred.

In response to these incidents, the governor said that she has immediately deployed the State Police to protect synagogues, yeshivas, mosques, and any other potential targets of hate crimes. She also announced a significant increase in funding, with $75 million allocated for efforts to combat hate crimes. This includes $50 million for local law enforcement to enhance their efforts and an additional $25 million in security grants.

The rise in antisemitic incidents has been particularly significant since the October 7th terrorist attack on Israel, with the New York City Police Department reporting a 331 percent increase in such incidents. In light of this, Hochul stated that the state is intensifying its surveillance efforts, including monitoring social media activity, to catch incitement to violence and direct threats to others. She emphasized that the state is specifically focused on collecting data from social media platforms and has launched a task force to counter hate speech online.

Speaking further about the state’s efforts to promote unity and fight against hate, the governor declared that no New Yorker should feel the need to hide their religious beliefs. She asserted that the state will not tolerate any form of discrimination or hatred towards any community.

Hochul’s visit comes just days after she visited Cornell University, where a shooting threat was made against the school’s Jewish center. This was just one of many incidents targeting the Jewish community in the state.

In conclusion, Governor Hochul’s press conference highlighted the seriousness of hate crimes in New York and the government’s commitment to taking swift and decisive action against such offenses. With increased funding and surveillance efforts, the state hopes to provide a stronger sense of security for its citizens and promote a message of unity and tolerance. The governor urged all New Yorkers to stand together in the face of this alarming rise in hate and to continue celebrating the diversity that makes the state so unique.


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