Sustainable Scheming? Bill Gates’ Land Buying Scheme Exposed

In his new book “Controligarchs,” investigative journalist Seamus Bruner exposes the control and wealth of the billionaire class and how their investments and actions ultimately impact the everyday lives of average Americans. One of the focus points of the book is Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his efforts to save the planet.

According to Bruner, Gates’ ventures into patented fertilizers, synthetic meats, and U.S. farmland are not as noble as they may seem. In fact, Bruner claims that these investments are simply a means for Gates to line his own pockets rather than truly saving the planet.

Bruner’s book, which will hit bookshelves on Tuesday, delves into the control and manipulation of the food supply by tech giants like Gates. One chapter of the book titled “the war on farmers” argues that these companies are monopolizing the nation’s food supply, with Gates at the forefront.

The author traces Gates’ involvement back to “the Green Revolution” initiated by the Rockefeller family in the 1940s. While initially seen as a solution to poverty and starvation, this revolution also led to problems like pollution, resource exhaustion, and the consolidation of small-scale and family-owned farms into large corporate-controlled farms.

Now, Bruner claims that Gates is continuing this legacy by targeting the fertilizer industry and quietly purchasing large swaths of American farmland, reportedly spending over $1 billion in the process. This allows Gates not only to control the land but also to gain rights to the water below, a crucial component in agriculture.

According to the book, Gates’ latest target is the synthetic meat industry, with his investment in companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. These companies have received numerous patents for their products, which could potentially dominate the food market. However, consumers have yet to fully embrace these fake meat and dairy products.

While Gates has warned about the impact of cow flatulence on climate change, he himself, along with other billionaires like Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg, continue to enjoy real meat and dairy products. This hypocrisy highlights the power and control of the billionaire class, according to Bruner.

“Controligarchs” paints a bleak future where the food system is controlled by a small group of wealthy individuals. Bruner argues that their actions are not focused on saving the planet or solving issues like poverty and famine, but rather on accumulating even more wealth and power.

As the book discusses the increasing influence of billionaires and their control over vital aspects of society, it raises important questions about the fairness and sustainability of our current system. “Controligarchs” serves as a warning about the potential consequences of allowing the wealthy to dictate the fate of the planet and its inhabitants.


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