Democrat Poll Worker Accused Of Insane Actions At A Polling Locations

Election officials out in Indiana have officially removed a Democrat-leaning poll worker this past week for allegedly pressuring voters to cast ballots for very specific candidates and pre-selecting Democratic candidates.

As the election administrator for Hamilton County, Beth Sheller explained to Fox News Digital that a submitted inspector report allegedly spotlighted two different incidents at a polling area set up in Carmel, Indiana. The reported incidents could be marked as election interference and electioneering by a poll worker named James Zheng.

Zheng now stands accused of going up to black voters and telling them “… not to vote for the racist candidates outside,” as reported by the Chalkboard Review, where officials first highlighted the accused poll worker.

As expressed in the report, the first incident took place this past Thursday evening in the wake of the poll worker telling two black voters not to cast their vote for pro-parent school board candidates, claiming that they were outright “racist” after coming into contact with a group of education activists outside of the polling location.

Once they had cast their ballots, the two voters explained their odd interaction with the poll worker to the gathered activists, who then confronted the worker concerning the issue.

The second event dealt with potential election interference, explained the submitted inspector report.

Chalkboard Review claimed that Sheller confirmed that Zheng allegedly pre-selected a straight-Democrat ticket for one voter while attempting to hide it as “explaining the voting machines.”

Quite a few voters also accused the poll worker to elections officials of making use of the same tactic on their ballots, some of whom “didn’t know how to change it back.”

As explained via a press release found by Chalkboard Review, the GOP chairman out of Hamilton County, Mario Massillamany, claimed that the election administrator barred Zheng from working at any early voting site and banned him from coming back on both Friday and Monday.

“This should serve as a cautionary reminder that those desperate to hold onto power or gain power will do anything – including breaking the law – to thwart the efforts of parents and taxpayers to replace our school boards with officials who more accurately reflect the values of our community,” explained Massillamany. “If you see something suspicious, please report such activity immediately to a poll worker or other election official immediately.”

As reported by Fox News, the Democrat chair of Hamilton County, Dayna Colbert, was reached out to in order to find a new worker.



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