DeSantis Bill Sees Change In States Immigration

Governor Ron DeSantis is poised to kick off his 2024 campaign announcement this evening following a string of immigration enforcement measures designed to reduce the presence of illegal aliens in Florida.

The strict measure, which will be effective from July 1, will terminate outofstate driver‘s licenses without proof of citizenship and prevent cities from using state funds to issue identification cards for undocumented immigrants.

Moreover, the new law requires most companies in Florida to ensure the immigration status of new hires. It will also repeal a current state statute that allowed some undocumented refugees to acquire a license to practice law in Florida.

These sweeping alterations have already stunned the Florida immigrant population. CBS Miami reported that some undocumented workers moved to new states or stopped coming to work feeling the pressure of the upcoming law.

In response to the recent developments, DeSantis is expected to paint himself as the figure to save the Sunshine State from the chaos of illegal immigration and the helplessness of Democratic disarray.

The Governor‘s mission is twofold critics argue. First, protecting the Republicansgrab on the White House for the time being. Secondly, unveiling an arrangement in the pair of the Trump administrations stance against illegal immigration, which was significantly compromised by President Joe Biden.

The GOP supporters on the opposite side also suggest that the measures should‘ve been taken long ago, and plan to use DeSantis approach to redirect the chaotic flow of illegal immigrants led by the Biden administration.

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, addressed the new law asthe kind of commonsense reform a state with outofcontrol illegal immigration should be considering.

In conclusion, DeSantis stance against illegal immigration appears to be firmly established. Similar legal actions have also been taken by the governors of Arizona and Texas, who have now joined Florida, Obama, and Trump in the fight against illegal immigration.

Under DeSantis lead, it appears the State of Florida will become the frontline for those taking issue with Bidens immigration policy in the near future. Now, as he prepares to launch his 2024 presidential campaign announcement, it remains to be seen how DeSantiss aggressive stance against illegal immigration will be received in the White House.


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