WH Official Hangs Up Phone During Interview

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden traveled to North Carolina for campaign events amidst a major bridge collapse in Baltimore. Critics have pointed to this as a clear indication of the Biden administration’s priorities and desperation for the upcoming election.

In a radio interview with WBT radio’s Mark Garrison, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who was traveling with Biden, appeared to answer questions about the administration. However, her responses seemed more like campaigning than addressing real concerns.

One of the biggest concerns brought up by Garrison was Biden’s mental state, with many people on social media expressing their worries. Jean-Pierre was taken aback and called the question “incredibly offensive.” She claimed that Biden was focused on the American people and refused to discuss the issue further.

Another pressing question raised by Garrison was about the high prices of groceries and gas under the Biden administration. Jean-Pierre attributed these issues to the previous administration, claiming that the economy was in a “tailspin” when Biden took office. However, statistics show that under Biden, gas prices rose to over $5.00 per gallon and inflation reached a record high of over nine percent.

Despite her attempt to deflect responsibility, Jean-Pierre faced criticism from Garrison who noted that the Biden administration’s policies played a significant role in the rising prices. The White House Press Secretary defended Biden, saying he understands the struggles of middle-class and working-class families as he grew up in one himself.

As the interview continued, Jean-Pierre abruptly ended the conversation, cutting off Garrison and leaving him astonished. Winterble, who played the interview on his show, described Jean-Pierre as “fragile” and pointed out the irony of her referring him to Biden’s doctor’s evaluation, which only covers his physical health and not his mental state.

Winterble also noted that nearly half of the Democrats in the state were concerned about Biden’s mental state, highlighting the growing concerns and doubts about his abilities as the leader of the country.

This interview is just one example of the growing divide between the Biden administration and the media, who can no longer be controlled or manipulated. Despite their efforts to downplay and gaslight concerns about Biden’s mental state and the state of the economy, the truth cannot be ignored.

Biden’s trip to North Carolina for campaign events while a major infrastructure failure occurred in Baltimore is a clear indication of where his priorities lie. As the election date approaches, it is likely that more instances like this will occur, and the press will continue to hold the administration accountable, ensuring that the public receives unbiased and transparent information.


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